The Soundtrack

Inspiring song, for me..for him…for us

Let’s sing a song!!!

  • I’m Yours — Jason Marz
  • My World is full with You — Ten to Five
  • Finally I Found Someone — Barbara Steisand & Bryan Adam
  • Menikah — Java Jive (ini lagu yg dpake si mas saat “merayuku”. Hihihi…)
  • If You’re not The One — Daniel Bedingfield
  • Feeling Good — Michael Buble
  • Thank God I Found You — Mariah Carey feat Joe&98 degrees
  • Janji Suci — Yovie And The Nuno (katanya si mas mo nyanyi ini pas di acara nikahan ntar. We’ll see…)
  • I Luh, I love you  — de Ubud *Band lokal asal Bali*  (meski g ngerti artinya, tp love it much!)
  • I’m Your Angel — Celine Dion & R.Kelly

One Response to The Soundtrack

  1. Laili says:

    heheheheh mas kholik arep nyanyi, sesok pas gathering ditanggap dhisik, di tes yo mbak…
    biar ntar pas di resepsi nggak salah2 nyanyine,hwehwehwhe….

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