Happy Birthday,dad…

Happy Birthday Dad! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! I know I did! Thank you for being my Dad and taking care of us and working everyday so that we can have a place to sleep and eat! We love you so much….



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Virgo. Maika's #1 fan. Wife. Extraordinary woman wannabe
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3 Responses to Happy Birthday,dad…

  1. Diar says:

    so sweet ……….. 🙂

    semoga ayahnya sehat selalu yah, jadi fit dan semangat saat menikahkan putrinya nanti, amin 🙂

  2. teatin says:

    Salam Buat Ayah ya say….
    btw…gimana progress. kebayanya????

  3. teecha says:

    @ diar
    Makasih ya say… Amin…amin..

    @ teatin
    iyah,,insya Allah ta salamin. Kebaya akad,,suda jadi tuh.. 🙂 Kmu sndri gmn progressnya?

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